Valentine's Day Mini Scrapbook


I have been madly perusing the web lately and found another blogger that had a challenge to re-use something (recycle) and turn it into a scrapbook creation, however, forgot to write down which blog site it was, so if you're out there and reading this please let me know so I can give you credit. :-) I had many ideas of things to recycle like: diaper box, cereal box, olive can, the list could go on...When I went to Starbucks and used my last few dollars on my gift card sparks went flying. I came up with the idea to make a gift card mini album. With Valentine's Day right around the corner my relationship become the subject and the rest is history! I hope some of you get inspired to make you're own and share with me your result.

Quick overview for Re-creation:
  1. Gather 8 gift cards (more or less if you wish)
  2. Cover the gift cards with sized pieces of cardstock or patterned paper, so that card is completely covered. (I wrapped them and then placed a cover over wrapped edges)
  3. Punch two holes in the top (can punch holes however you wish, can be done different ways depending on what outcome you would like)
  4. Decorate each individual page (For my album I decided to title it Love and each page inside is a synonym for the word Love, on the backside of each page is that synonyms definition.)
  5. Add each page to book rings and whaaa laaa - you have a Mini Gift Card Scrapbook Album!
Some of the materials used:
  • K & CO - Brenda Walton Sweet Talk
  • K & CO - Brenda Walton Pillow Stickers
  • American Crafts Premium Ribbon
  • Pebbles Inc Word Charms
  • Rhinestones
  • Memory Stor tape runner
Thanks for looking! Contact if you have any questions.


jules p said...

this is the neatest thing. i knew i was keeping all those old gift cards for some reason. :)

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